Balmain East plan of management


Balmain East Foreshores Plan of Management




Leichardt Council



The Balmain East Foreshores Plan of Management was prepared for the then Leichardt Council.  As identified in the Balmain East Foreshores Conservation Management Plan (CMP) 2005, the study area is of high local significance historically as it encompasses some of the earliest sites in Balmain to be settled. The area developed as a centre for maritime industries including boat building which provided employment for a significant proportion of the Balmain population during the 19th century. The area in the 21st Century is an emblem for the public fight during the late 1960s for the provision and protection of public recreational land on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour.

This Plan of Management was developed to assist Council and the community in the future improvement, maintenance and management of foreshore reserves under it’s care control and management within East Balmain.

This document also supports the vision and directions outlined in Council’s 2020+ Strategic Plan in relation to community well-being; accessibility; and a sustainable environment and specifically the objective to manage open space to conserve and increase open space area, enhance the natural environment and support native biodiversity.