Dee Why Beach Front


Dee Why Beach Front


Dee Why Beach, Sydney NSW


Warringah Council



Environmental Partnership was responsible for the design development and documentation of the landscape revitalisation of the Dee Why beach front.  EP collaborated with Bruce Mackenzie in refining the earlier concept plan developed by BMLA.

The project  enhances the relationship of the reserve to the beach and related ocean views, and formalises the strong promenade function desired by the community and which was previously tenuous.  The scheme works with the existing sea wall and beach steps and custom light poles implemented during the 1990’s while providing new ramp access to the beach to enhance universal access.

Design Approach

Two levels of promenade walks line the beachfront and existing seawalls.  A stepped timber deck protects the existing Norfolk Pine avenue which has been consolidated with transplanted trees from the site.  Recreational lawn  areas adjoining the upper promenade provide further options for recreational use.

High quality paving, lighting and a variety of seating elements were selected in a neutral palette to harmonise with the adjoining panoramic seaside character.

Dee Why beach front

Design Team:

Landscape Architecture: Environmental Partnership in collaboration with Bruce Mackenzie Design

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