Banksmeadow & Swinbourne Public Domain Design


Banksmeadow Town Centre & Swinbourne Street Neighbourhood Centre Public Domain Design




Bayside Council



The Banksmeadow & Swinbourne Street public domain design project was undertaken to provide revitalisation of these local centres which are located in areas of ongoing land use transition from industrial to mixed uses and related residential population growth.

The Banskmeadow project sought to enhance the quality of the pedestrian environment through increases to movement spaces where possible, provision of new public domain pavements and furniture and increased greening through street trees and lower level plantings.  Enhanced cycle infrastructure was provided to several key routes

The Swinbourne Street centre proposals (draft – yet to be implemented) sought to enhance pedestrian safety and amenity through reducing traffic speeds and pedestrian crossing distances and enhancing provisions for cyclists, in addition to providing new pavements, furniture and greening as above.