Calderwood Masterplan


Calderwood Masterplan


South Coast, NSW


Lend Lease



Environmental Partnership undertook landscape and visual assessment as part of precinct planning for the Calderwood urban development. 

The Calderwood masterplan was developed across a collaborative urban design team forum involving a range of specialist disciplines and the Lend lease Communities team. In addition to this assessment an open space and landscape masterplan was prepared along with concept design for a stage 1 development area.

Calderwood masterplan
Calderwood Elevation and Terrain Study

The Calderwood masterplan was developed to assess the visual characteristics for the new development which proposed a mix of residential, employment, retail, education, conservation and open space uses. The report was successful in recording valuable information about visual impacts from new developments and helped guide a thoughtful planning approach by analysing distinctive site characteristics.

Calderwood masterplan

More information about Calderwood and its development can be found on the Shellharbour City Council website.

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