Frog Hollow Reserve – Stage Two


Frog Hollow Reserve - Stage 2


Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW


Cit of Sydney



Having prepared a plan of management and masterplan for Frog Hollow Reserve for the City of Sydney Environmental Partnership, was commissioned to design and document stage two of park improvements to this neighbourhood park in Surry Hills

The design addressed a range of site constraints to provide a functional, safe and accessible inner city park on a previously disused park site. The design of Frog Hollow Reserve reflects the Plan of Management to enhance local community use and pays homage to the history of the site through thoughtful design regarding access and use.

Heritage interpretation elements have been incorporated to reflect the rich cultural history of the area. These include mounted graphic panels, narrative engraved into pavement, and exposure of remnant brick arches and sandstone wall, (once forming the foundations of the stacked dwellings) which have been feature lit.

Level turf areas have been maximised while integrating  ramp access and sitting terraces.

The materials palette responds to work previously completed in Stage One with sandstone walls and stabilised gravel providing simple unifying themes.

Down O’Hears Stairs light, fresh air and drainage were in short supply—a damp and foreboding environment.  Many of Surry Hill’s finest criminals, including Kate Leigh and Samuel ‘Jewey’ Freeman, frequented Frog Hollow alongside poor working class families, old single women and widows—the poorest of the poor.
Interpretive panel extract

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