Hyde Park – Paths and Entries


Hyde Park - Paths and Entries




City of Sydney


2014 - ongoing

Environmental Partnership was engaged as its Sydney Collaboration TDEP (see Collaborations) to undertake design development, documentation and construction management of the Hyde Park Masterplan Stages 1 to 4 including the following areas:

Archibald Fountain replanting scheme – completed 2016
Pool of Reflection – completed 2016
Hyde North Paths, Services & Entry Upgrades
Museum Cafe –

The park is a highly sensitive heritage environment and the success of the project has relied on a rigorous collaboration between the TDEP team and the project heritage specialists and City Arborists. Improving the ease and quality of access generally has been a major focus in addition to the upgrade of materials and finishes to see the park into the next phase of its life.  Entry improvements include the provision of a new accessible path entry on the corner of College and Elizabeth Street providing a much needed at grade access point into the park along the College Street frontage.  Stage one of a major entry upgrade at the St Marys Cathedral crossing on College Street has been implemented which will be followed by a future walkway and re-aligned signalised crossing.

A major initiative has been designing to provide functionality and resilience to the major event use that Hyde Park receives across the year in its role as a major place for Sydney’s celebrations and festivals.

Hyde Park Masterplan
Hyde Park Flush kerbs
Hyde Park Paths and entries
Hyde Park Paths and entries