Jordan Springs Village Centre


Jordan Springs


St Mary's, Sydney NSW


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Environmental Partnership has been involved with planning and design of the Jordan Springs development on the former ADI site at St Marys from the outset of the project.  The 2500 dwelling site comprises the western precinct of the former ADI site at St Marys in Western Sydney.

The landscape vision was for an environment which provides quality external spaces responsive to contemporary community  needs and the Western Sydney climate and that integrate with the surrounding natural landscape of the Wianamatta Regional Park.  Environmental Partnership’s work has included development of the Landscape and Open space master plan through to Riparian Corridor VMP’s and landscape design and documentation of stage 1.  Planning has sought to maximise tree retention through open space corridors and has included relocation of a number of cultural plantings (including Canary Island Date Palms).

EP provided design services from planning to construction of the lakeside village centre and main street.  The village centre seeks to provide an “urban heart” and to shape an identity for the new community adjoining the extensive lake and creek corridor system.  The space allows for a flexible programme of uses and activities and includes a variety of seating, water elements, and Canary Island Date Palms transplanted from the site.

Jordan Springs
Jordan Springs