Lake Parramatta Plan of Management


Lake Parramatta Plan of Management




Parramatta Council



The Lake Parramatta Plan of Management and Masterplan was commissioned by Parramatta City Counci  to provide a basis for guiding Council’s ongoing enhancement and maintenance of the park.

Lake Parramatta Reserve is a highly valued natural area originally set aside to protect the water quality of Parramatta’s drinking supply following the damming of Hunts Creek in 1855.

The Reserve and its extensive areas of remnant native vegetation remains as a habitat for native wildlife and is also highly valued as a place for passive recreation and a retreat from the surrounding urban development. A main visitor precinct with picnic facilities and support buildings is accessed off Bourke Street.

Lake Parramatta has several layers of importance to Aboriginal people, including as a place containing evidence of previous occupation and more recently as a symbol of the Parramatta Governments apology to Aboriginal people.

The plan was prepared in accordance with the Crown Lands Act for approval by the Minister for Lands.

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