Lithgow Main Street Action Plan


Lithgow Main Street Action Plan




Lithgow City Council



Council appointed Environmental Partnership to lead a mutlidisciplinary team including Hill PDA, Roberts day and Davis Langdon to develop the Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Plan.

The project required an innovative public domain strategy that could complement Council’s economic development program in the post industrial town centre.  This process of change arose out of the ongoing transition of economic drivers from industry employment to a regional service and tourist centre.  The town centre has the fundamentals of a regional hub with strong heritage qualities but lacking quality urban spaces and amenity.

The public domain analysis identified the important of the Main Street intersections as places where views open up to the bushland ridges in which the town nestles.  The intersections were conceived as a series of squares which would emphasise the importance of these locations and offer modal changes in function to contribute to street life in different ways across the cycle of the week and year.

As part of the project five key sites were also analysed for redevelopment potential, that could provide a catalyst for change in the CBD in unison with public domain improvement.

The masterplan is under staged implementation.