Hamilton Street


Hamilton Street residential


Rose Bay


Allen Jack & Cottier



The Hamilton Street residential development comprises mixed uses consisting of retail at street level with 3 levels of residential apartments above and 3 levels of basement car parking below. Environmental Partnership worked with Architects Allen Jack on the project to provide an internal ‘viewing’ garden and streetscape and entry plantings sympathetic to existing streetscape character.

Landscape treatments within the development provide both visual accent and relief to the dense built form whilst providing a response to seasonal usage requirements of visual accessible only public spaces. Planting selection was constrained by the extensive areas of the site located on suspended slab above basement resident carparking.

The ‘viewing’ podium garden layout was designed to complement the surrounding architecture by utilising a combination of simple geometric forms and robust plantings selected to develop a landscape of interesting texture and movement. The space is visually divided into four quadrants both horizontally and vertically to create interest from both above and through the garden from ground level apartments. The scheme balances hard and soft elements to cost effectively achieve a rich stimulating composition.

Hamilton Street residential