Kelso Park North Masterplan Development


Kelso Park North Masterplan Development




Canterbury-Bankstown Council



Kelso Park North, one of the seven reserves within Deepwater Park and Kelso Parklands, provided a regional sports hub with a diverse range of well maintained sports facilities for the Canterbury-Bankstown LGA.

Plan of Management for Deepwater Park and Kelso Parklands adopted by Council in 2019 identified that “ Kelso Park (north) will be maintained and enhanced as a regional sports hub, for AFL, cricket, softball and baseball. To facilitate the regional status, the AFL field will become multi-purpose by adding cricket, and an athletics grass track and field event area. There will be amenities for cricket and athletics, a storage facility to accommodate sport and maintenance equipment, and amenity for spectator viewing. All works will be appropriate to regional standard. Kelso Park (north) field layout will be determined by a sports consultant in liaison with user groups.

Environmental Partnership was commissioned by Canterbury-Bankstown Council in 2019 to develop a masterplan for Kelso Park North . This masterplan was based on the allowable uses development strategies and management actions outlined in the POM, and stakeholder engagement. It aimed to guide the future infrastructure development of the site that includes circulation and parking enhancement, pedestrian and cycle networking upgrade, sportsfield arrangement and amenities buildings upgrade, and green and shade improvement.