Westleigh Park Masterplan


Westleigh Park Masterplan




Hornsby Shire Council



Hornsby Shire Council appointed EP to coordinate preparation of the Westleigh Park masterplan. Council sought to develop a sustainable masterplan for community use of the site reflecting its key potential role in recreational provision for the district  including for organised sports, passive recreation (picnics, walking, playground), mountain biking and ancillary facilities (roads, carparks, building, shareways and water quality treatment.

The planning process included consideration of complex site factors including:

  • understanding of cut and fill requirements, embankments and retaining walls, and the extent of any impact on adjacent bushland areas that could be expected in achieving the sports field outcomes.
  • the potential methods of dealing with contamination (landfill) on the site along with clear direction on the most cost-effective solutions for remediation and development.
  • safe vehicular access to the site and provision of utility services such as car parking and pedestrian vehicular and bike movement within the park.