Lake Ainsworth


Lake Ainsworth Sport & Rec Masterplan


Lennox Head NSW


New Sport & Recreation



The Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre Landscape Masterplan prepared by Environmental Partnership seeks to provide a cohesive landscape framework that reconciles operational pressures on the site whilst exploring ways of providing sustainable access to the centre’s natural assets. The proposed planting and material palette is designed to support the natural environment and character and is simple and robust.

The masterplan identifies a number of projects that can be constructed in stages according to budget constraints and the priorities of the academy. These include provision of safe and logical access to and movement between the various activities of the academy.  Specific issues for the site were a lack of pedestrian connectivity between buildings, fluctuating carparking demand and a general piecemeal character that reflected the evolution of the site.

The challenge in drafting the masterplan was to be considerate to this evolutionary process and provide a framework of potential projects that allowed continual utility in infrastructure for users and staff alike.

Design Team:

Landscape Architecture: Environmental Partnership
Architecture: AJC

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