McIlwaine Park


McIlwaine Park River Activation Project


Brays Bay, Rhodes


City of Canada Bay



The McIlwaine Park River Activation Project is a multi-layered project having at its core: improvement of the aquatic health of Brays Bay and the Parramatta river catchment; while also activating for community benefit the rivers edge by creating a usable and engaging water edge with enhanced amenity.

The 140m eco friendly seawall along with a series of rock pools, aim to increase fish habitat by providing an abundance of nooks and crannies for little critters to hide in. The rock pools vary in size and depth to provide environments that differ in temperature to attract a wider range of fish species. Hybrid Salt Marsh habitats and  increased tree canopy at the waters edge revitalise the flora ecosystem and provide much needed summer shade to the area.  Misting scultpures also seek to reduce ambient temperatures during the hot summer months.

The inclusive amenities aim to bring people closer to the rivers edge. A new beach and plaza line the bay, surrounded by picnic facilities. A canoe docking point, built into the seawall, also provides users the opportunity to arrive by water.

The project will commence construction in 2021.

This vibrant urban park will provide some much needed recreational space for the people of Rhodes, while helping to restore the health of the Parramatta river by encouraging the development of a more diverse fish habitat in Brays Bay.