Salt Pan Creek Masterplan


Salt Pan Creek Masterplan


Salt Pan Creek


Canterbury Bankstown Council



The area adjoining to the south of the M5 Motorway Salt Pan Creek was a landfill site from the 1950’s through to its closure in the 1980’s.  Since this time it has been earmarked for end use redevelopment as a regional recreational destination.

EP was appointed by Canterbury Bankstown Council to collaborate with Council’s Environmental and Remediation consultants Coffey Partners on the development of an integrated masterplan for the site.  This core team was joined by Ecological Australia investigating habitat values and potential management strategies and GML Heritage reviewing Pre and Post colonial cultural heritage.

The development of the Masterplan has responded to the following guiding vision and planning principles:
….a destination parkland providing for multiple recreational uses that engage a broad cross section of community, and that celebrates the Salt Pan Creek location and setting…
Work with the site’s landfill history
Recognise the landfill profile as a determining baseline for design
Implement required leachate and gas management measures
Maintain necessary access to environmental management
Activate the edge
-Provide a permeable, comfortable, friendly park edge
-Enable a high level of use across day /evening
-Encourage development of appropriate density, orientation, and use adjoining the park to assist activation
-Encourage positive addresses and access to resdiential development edge
Connect, loop and experience
-Integrate paths with broader recreational access systems
-Provide multiple pedestrian entry points to parklands
-Create a diversity of loops and routes
-Link experiences with the access network
Water in the landscape
-Integrate the element of water beyond Salt Pan Creek to enhance the environment and character of the landscape
-Harvest drainage from surrounding public domain
-Treat in bioremediation ponds
-Use for field irrigation
-Interpret the former creek line in the park landscape
Multiple integrated recreational roles
-Regional sports function (football)
-Multi-use district sports function
-Destination family play
-Integrated landscape experiences – topography / water
-Local promenading
Dispersed vehicular access and parking
-Dual vehicular entry / egress points
-Enable modal management of through access
-Provide dispersed parking serving recreational nodes
Demonstrating sustainability
-Provide a solar power generation node
-Integrate water collection, treatment and harvesting
-Integrate on site nursery / plant propogation during park development