Parry Park Masterplan Development


Parry Park Masterplan Development




Canterbury Bankstown Council



Canterbury Bankstown Council commissioned Environmental Partnership to develop  the Parry Park Masterplan in 2017 as part of it’s commitment to  providing the community with the optimum open space and recreation resources into the future.

The brief sought a coordinated vision for enhancement and management of Parry Park to guide long term enhancement.  The masterplan process included investigation and analysis, identification of opportunities, and the subsequent development of an integrated set of actions enhancing recreation and environmental outcomes.

EP included on the project team Water Cycle Engineering  inputs by Alluvium to explore opportunities to mitigate the impacts of the existing channelised alignment of Coxes Creek managed by Sydney Water.  This identified the potential to naturalise one edge of the channel through a poorly used area of the park.  This created the opportunity to provide an off line wetland for water quality improvement and water harvesting, and significantly improvements the visual and environmental qualities of the park in this area.  A major destination play space is earmarked in the masterplan in the vicinity of the wetland.