The Gap Walkways


Sydney Harbour National Park The Gap


South head Sydney harbour


National Parks New South Wales


2013 - 2015

The Gap is located on South Head in Sydney Harbour National Park. Due to its close proximity to the city and easy accessibility, The Gap is one of the most visited tourist destinations in New South Wales.

After many years of heavy use by visitors NSW National Parks was looking to upgrade the existing path and barrier system that enabled access up the cliffs to popular lookout points to reduce environmental impact and increase user safety.

The design supports the user experience at The Gap by leading visitors through dense stands of indigenous vegetation and up sandstone cliffs on an elevated walkway to the panoramic view points. Lookouts which were previously unmarked and close to dangerous falls have been formalised to increase visitor safety along cliff edges and provide flowing access to the views to the large visitor numbers moving through the.  Seating has been provided in a variety of forms to enable visitors to linger and experience the dramatic character of the place.

Materials and finishes were researched and workshopped with NPWS management and field staff to refine the most suitable approach considering the harsh environment and budget constraints.