Pride Square Newtown


Pride Square Installation




Innerwest Council


2022-2023 (6 months)

Environmental Partnership (EP) were the lead consultant on the Pride Square installation to coincide with Sydney Pride 2023.  EP envisioned a visible, 3-dimensional addition to the square that could play an active role in its day to day life, and gathered a specialist team to realise this.

EP worked with long time collaborators Trigger to develop the multi-dimensional installation along with Partridge Engineers, Lighting Art and Science, and fabricators Interspec, AGFABS, and Sydney Electrical and Data.

The installation comprises a series of elements.  The timber seating clusters scattered through the square and embedded into stairways look to echo the informal ambiance and function of the milk crate, providing places to sit watch and gather.  The timber battens provide a lantern like quality to the clusters at night which are internally lit by LED loops.

The colourful Pride elements were designed and produced by multi-disciplinary creative organisation – Trigger – led by Gregory Anderson.  The Pride installation was conceptualised to bring ‘joyous visibility’ to Pride Square, Newtown as a revitalised public space where everyone is welcome. The stacked cubes concept is a three-dimensional geometric interpretation of the ‘Progress Pride Flag’ and playfully references the ‘Square’ in ‘Pride Square’ and the cubed seating clusters.

The sitting clusters and the colourful Pride installations work together to bring life to Pride Square, and create interesting views through and into the square from any approach.

The project has come together over a matter of months to meet an ambitious timeframe.