Tunks Park Plan of Management


Tunks Park Plan of Management


North Sydney, Cammeray


North Sydney Council



Tunks Park is a highly valued harbourside open space, fulfilling important and often conflicting roles for organised sports and for informal community use, in addition to forming part of a sensitive habitat and drainage corridor.

Environmental Partnership was commissioned by North Sydney Council to prepare a plan of management and masterplan for Tunks Park to guide its future use and management.

While the levels of usage of the sports field areas within the park were well within sustainable thresholds for turf grass management the volume of traffic generated to peak use winter Saturdays was becoming highly problematic for local residents.
Management strategies including modifications to scheduling have been initiated and the Plan of Management identified a focus on promoting sustainable travel to the park which seeks to reduce peak traffic volumes and parking demand.  In particular the plan looked to reduce the impact of parking and vehicular traffic on the amenity and character of the foreshore zone and recommended a re-configuration of parking to consolidate usable foreshore space.  These and other strategies will involve a suite of ongoing initiatives many of which can be trialed and assessed for ongoing suitability and benefit. Fundamentally this will require participation and commitment by the sports associations which the plan reinforces.

At the same time the natural and cultural heritage values of the park can be conserved and better appreciated by its users.  Informal recreation opportunities across the park can also be further enhanced through a variety of measures.
The plan integrated a comprehensive programme of community engagement and was adopted by Council in December 2018.