Williams and Bamford Parks Plan of Management


Williams and Bamford Parks Plan of Management


North Bondi


Waverley Council



Williams Park and Hugh Bamford Reserve are much valued and loved open spaces. Nestled above the intense day and night activity of Bondi Beach they provide a retreat from that world that is both calming and invigorating with it’s unique mix of natural and cultural qualities. A diverse overlay of past cultural heritage influences has had a strong hand in shaping the place, ranging from the rock art and embedded storylines of Sydney’s first peoples, to the defences of Sydney Harbour and Sydney’s largest ocean sewer outfall.
The plan looks to reconcile a sustainable future for the open spaces that can ensure that they play an equitable role in the district’s open space and recreational needs, but facilitated within the carrying capacity of the unique physical and cultural environment.
Innovative management strategies for co-use of land have been explored that will enable Council to evolve and test the balance of use while implementing a range of improvements that will address public safety at the coastal cliff edge, habitat enhancement, and flexible and adaptable recreational use.

Regional context
Masterplan heritage